2019 - The Cavaliers vs. The Academy

   The CavaliersThe AcademyWinnerMargin
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MidCal Champions Showcase - Clovis, CAExpand MidCal Champions Showcase - Clovis, CA
World Class70.20064.600The Cavaliers5.600
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DCI West - Stanford, CAExpand DCI West - Stanford, CA
World Class71.00064.950The Cavaliers6.050
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Moonlight Classic - Sacramento, CAExpand Moonlight Classic - Sacramento, CA
World Class72.10065.750The Cavaliers6.350
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Drum Corps at the Rose Bowl - Pasadena, CAExpand Drum Corps at the Rose Bowl - Pasadena, CA
World Class75.85067.200The Cavaliers8.650
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Western Corps Connection - San Bernadino, CAExpand Western Corps Connection - San Bernadino, CA
World Class75.90067.550The Cavaliers8.350
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Drums Across the Desert - Mesa, AZExpand Drums Across the Desert - Mesa, AZ
World Class77.10067.400The Cavaliers9.700
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Cavalcade of Brass - Lisle, ILExpand Cavalcade of Brass - Lisle, IL
World Class79.05068.850The Cavaliers10.200
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Whitewater Classic - Whitewater, WIExpand Whitewater Classic - Whitewater, WI
World Class80.05070.800The Cavaliers9.250
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Music on the March - Dubuque, IAExpand Music on the March - Dubuque, IA
World Class82.65074.500The Cavaliers8.150
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Tour of Champions - Northern Illinois - Dekalb, ILExpand Tour of Champions - Northern Illinois - Dekalb, IL
World Class83.55074.650The Cavaliers8.900
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DCI North Texas - Denton, TXExpand DCI North Texas - Denton, TX
World Class86.10077.400The Cavaliers8.700
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DCI Southwestern Championship - San Antonio, TXExpand DCI Southwestern Championship - San Antonio, TX
World Class87.50077.513The Cavaliers9.987
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DCI Southeastern Championship - Atlanta, GAExpand DCI Southeastern Championship - Atlanta, GA
World Class90.61379.875The Cavaliers10.738
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DCI World Championship Prelims - Indianapolis, INExpand DCI World Championship Prelims - Indianapolis, IN
World Class94.55083.900The Cavaliers10.650
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DCI World Championship Semifinals - Indianapolis, INExpand DCI World Championship Semifinals - Indianapolis, IN
World Class95.21384.300The Cavaliers10.913

Head-to-Head Record

CorpsWinsAvg ScoreAvg Margin
The Cavaliers1581.42840+8.81253
The Academy072.61590

Record vs. Common Opponents

The CavaliersThe Academy
OpponentWLTAvg +/-WLTAvg +/-AdvantageMargin
vs. 7th Regiment100+24.0750100+13.4250The Cavaliers10.6500
vs. Blue Devils0150-2.79160120-11.3385The Cavaliers8.5469
vs. Blue Knights1400+3.1072080-6.8859The Cavaliers9.9931
vs. Blue Stars1500+3.25250140-6.7768The Cavaliers10.0293
vs. Bluecoats0170-3.40810110-13.4375The Cavaliers10.0294
vs. Boston Crusaders770-0.1295050-10.1726The Cavaliers10.0431
vs. The Cadets1400+3.61520100-6.4287The Cavaliers10.0439
vs. Carolina Crown0140-1.2814060-11.5377The Cavaliers10.2563
vs. Colt Cadets200+29.6625300+19.9083The Cavaliers9.7542
vs. Colts1300+9.6068461-0.5238The Cavaliers10.1306
vs. Crossmen1100+6.0477070-4.4519The Cavaliers10.4996
vs. Genesis700+16.8643900+6.9180The Cavaliers9.9463
vs. Golden Empire500+23.2650400+14.6938The Cavaliers8.5712
vs. Gold500+18.9176400+9.0438The Cavaliers9.8738
vs. Guardians300+25.7500200+15.1065The Cavaliers10.6435
vs. Heat Wave100+34.5000100+23.8500The Cavaliers10.6500
vs. Jersey Surf700+18.3697600+8.1750The Cavaliers10.1947
vs. Legends400+18.2095500+8.5950The Cavaliers9.6145
vs. Les Stentors100+31.4000100+20.7500The Cavaliers10.6500
vs. Louisiana Stars100+20.9500200+11.3500The Cavaliers9.6000
vs. Madison Scouts800+12.53921400+2.7644The Cavaliers9.7748
vs. Mandarins1800+4.63680150-4.4433The Cavaliers9.0801
vs. Music City600+17.2272700+6.9143The Cavaliers10.3129
vs. Pacific Crest900+11.6084720+1.8459The Cavaliers9.7625
vs. Phantom Regiment1600+6.6562070-3.4714The Cavaliers10.1276
vs. Raiders100+32.1000100+21.4500The Cavaliers10.6500
vs. River City Rhythm100+23.4750300+13.3917The Cavaliers10.0833
vs. Santa Clara Vanguard0210-2.48030160-11.4492The Cavaliers8.9689
vs. Seattle Cascades600+21.4627800+11.5860The Cavaliers9.8767
vs. Shadow100+28.2500100+17.6000The Cavaliers10.6500
vs. Southwind100+22.1870100+11.5370The Cavaliers10.6500
vs. Spartans200+14.5065200+3.7250The Cavaliers10.7815
vs. Spirit of Atlanta900+8.4071050-1.6748The Cavaliers10.0819
vs. Troopers1300+12.17691400+3.5187The Cavaliers8.6582
Totals202740+1.78531001241+0.6825The Cavaliers9.9758